Scott County Business Enterprise

Plateau Electric Cooperative provides electricity services throughout Scott County. In addition to basic electrical service, Plateau Electric also provides security lights, heat pump loans and other services.

Highland Telephone Cooperative provides telephone and long-distance services throughout the county, while its wholly-owned subsidiary, Highland Communications provides broadband Internet access. In the fall of 2010, Highland began a $66 million project that will extend fiber optics to every residence and business in Scott County.

Natural gas is provided by Citizens Gas Utility District. Citizens Gas maintains storage fields within the district to help keep the cost of natural gas competitive.

Water is provided in the Oneida area by the Oneida Water & Wastewater Department. In the rest of the county, it is provided by Huntsville Utility District. Oneida’s water is provided by the Howard H. Baker Sr. Watershed Lake just west of town, a 50-acre impoundment that is backed up by Oneida City Park Lake. Huntsville’s water is provided by the 200-acre Flat Creek Reservoir.

Citizens Gas Utility District
Greg Bell, interim CEO
12519 Scott Highway
PO Box 320
Helenwood, TN 37755

Highland Telephone Cooperative
F.L. Terry, manager
7840 Morgan County Highway
PO Box 119
Sunbright, TN 37852

Highland Communications
Mark Patterson, General Manager
950 Main Street
Wartburg, Tn 37887

Excede Satellite Service

Plateau Electric Cooperative
Dave Cross, CEO
16200 Scott Highway
PO Box 4669
Oneida, TN 37841

Huntsville Utility District
Larry Crowley, General Manager
300 Water Plant Road
Huntsville, TN 37756

Oneida Water & Wastewater
Johnny B. Acres, Manager
19922 Alberta Street
Oneida, Tn 37841