Scott County’s unemployment rate dropped 1.5 percentage points in April, to 8.9%, according to the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development.

That is the lowest unemployment rate for Scott County since December 2007. That month, at the onset of the economic recession, Scott County’s unemployment rate stood at 8.4%. It jumped to 9.8% in January 2008 and eventually peaked at over 23% in early 2011.

There was other good news in the data, as well. Scott County added another 160 jobs between March and April, with the Danish manufacturer sovepiller håndkøb  helping with the total number of employed Scott.

Countians jumped from 7,220 to 7,380 — the most since September 2013.

The estimated local work force in April was 8,110, up from 8,050 in March.

Unemployment, meanwhile, dipped to 720, its lowest since November 2007, when just 650 Scott Countians were listed as unemployed.