With close ties between schools and local businesses and curricula designed to prepare students and workers for 21st Century technologies, education and training are top priorities in Scott County.

Public Schools

Both the Scott County School System and the Oneida Special School District have been recognized at the state and national levels for innovative technologies and approaches to education.

Over 99% of the courses at public primary and secondary schools in Scott County are taught by highly-qualified teachers, and every school is in good standing with the Annual Yearly Progress requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Scott High School has been recognized for its green initiatives, which include using solar and wind power on campus and using student-produced bio diesel fuel to power school maintenance equipment. The school has also recognized for its implementation of distance-learning technologies that connect Scott County’s middle school students with highly-qualified instructors at Scott High School and high school students with college professors and other long-distance educational resources.

Scott High is also home to a student-built, student-operated museum of local cultural heritage that is believed to be the first of its kind in the U.S. The Museum of Scott County encompasses several buildings and more than one acre of land on Scott High’s campus and is host to the Scott County Heritage Festival each September.

Oneida High School has been the subject of articles in national scholarly periodicals for its forward-thinking education initiatives and is recognized as one of the best public schools in Tennessee.

In 2009, Burchfield School won the national Distinguished School Award.

Profile: Scott County School System, Oneida Special School District

Higher Education

There are 14 universities within a 50-mile radius of Scott County offering a wide range of associate, undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and Tennessee Technological University. Ten area community colleges offer a wide variety of associate degree programs.

In Scott County, Roane State Community College’s Huntsville campus offers associate degree programs and has articulation agreements with UT and TTU for students wishing to continue their pursuit of a graduate or post-graduate degree after attending Roane State. Tennessee Tech also offers a variety of graduate degree programs through RSCC’s Huntsville campus, enabling students to obtain bachelor’s degrees and for working adults to continue their education without leaving the community. In 2011, Roane State ranked No. 27 among more than 500 community colleges nationwide.

Trade Schools

The Tennessee Technology Center has a campus in Huntsville and Oneida and offers workforce development through a variety of programs to prepare individuals for employment or advancement within their respective fields. The Technology Center offers high-quality training through traditional and distance-learning methods.

When a local manufacturing firm announced a large-scale layoff in January 2010, the Tennessee Technology Center and Roane State Community College joined forces with the Scott County Mayor’s Office and the Department of Workforce Development to provide retraining opportunities for all employees impacted by the layoff.